1. Alfie & his Mom:
I think you are doing great. To tell you the truth it is a bit difficult with a dog walker because the owner of the dog never really sees the dog and the dog walker together very often. It can make the owner uneasy. But, the times I have met you and the one time I met Luke it was so apparent to me that you both liked dogs and that Alfie liked the both of you so much. That made me feel good. Also some of my neighbours tell me (I never asked they just volunteer the information) that they see you with Alfie and that you are so nice with him. That makes me feel great and also reinforces the positive feelings I had towards you both.

2. Arkus & his Mom:
For the record, I think you are doing a great job. Arkus is one happy puppy which makes me one happy owner. Keep up the great work.

3. Cashew & his Mom:
Manny is a responsible, reliable and loving dog walker. She cares deeply for the health and happiness of the dogs in her care. I have a very timid little dog and I know that he is safe and protected when he’s with her. She has become his second “Mom”. Having a dog walker every day gives me peace of mind that my dog is not bored and is getting the right exercise and attention that he needs to be happy and healthy. On the professional side, Manny responds quickly to all my questions, calls or emails. She’s always on time and is able to accommodate last minute or special requests. I highly recommend Manny.

4. Maggie, Daisy & their mom:
I think you are doing great! Not sure how you are managing it all, but I have been very happy with you and your service.

5. Prints & his Mom:
You’re terrific!

6. Ruby & her mom:
I think you’re amazing! You’re responsible and dependable and very knowledgeable about animals. I know you have a real passion for working with pets and you’re great with humans too. It was for all these reasons that I hired you at Posh. As you know I was really nervous about going back to a regular job and not being able to spend most of my day with Ruby. Knowing that you’re taking her out every day has really put my mind at ease. I appreciate all the little extras such as taking her swimming on hot days and wiping her down so well after she’s rolled in the mud. You and Luke make a great team and I don’t know what I’d do without you!

7. Anna & Misha and their parents:
Manny has taken wonderful care of our two kitties this past year. It is a great relief to have found such a reliable, dedicated person to depend on when we travel.

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