Our Services

Pet Visits:
This service is great for anyone who has a new puppy or kitten or who wonít be home in time to take care of their pet. When we visit your pet, we feed them if instructed, take them outside to relieve themselves as well as play with them for a bit. We also offer overnight visit for owner that will be away for an extended period of time.

Group Walks:
These walks are a lot of fun for dogs. Pups Ďní Kittens takes all the dogs to a leash free zone where dogs can be dogs. This is great for keeping your dog interacting with other dogs as well as a great workout for your dog. During the summer months (July and August) we also include trips to an enclosed pool. This is a fun event for any dog that just canít get enough of the water!

Private Walks:
Private walks are great for older dogs as well as dogs that previously gone through some surgery. It gives them a chance to walk at their own pace and they wonít be disturbed by other dogs.

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