Why Your Pet Needs a Professional

In today's busy world there just isn't enough time to get everything done in one day, and often this includes caring for our furry, scaly or feathered friends. Having a professional pet sitter can lift some weight off your shoulders and even more importantly can give your pet some much needed play and exercise. Even if you are one of the lucky ones who has the time to give your pet lots of exercise and playtime there could be times when that just isn't possible, such as during or immediately after a hospital stay, when you're down with the flu, or - more happily when you're on vacation!

On the subject of vacation, a professional pet sitter gives you the added benefit of creating activity around your otherwise empty home, turning on and off lights, picking up the mail and so forth. And perhaps even more importantly your pet will be happily cared for in the comfort and security of their own home rather than in a strange, crowded kennel or other unfamiliar environments. But what if an unexpected emergency happens (and they do!) and you need help with your pets? One way to lessen the stress of this type of situation is to have made arrangements ahead of time with your professional pet sitter - the paperwork will be done, the environment will be familiar to the pet sitter, and most importantly your pet will be comfortable with this new friend. Also keep in mind that a professional pet sitter is usually quite busy so making arrangements well in advance will assure you of them being there for you when your pets are most in need.

A pro for your new pup

The spring is here and itís the most popular time to buy or adopt a new puppy. And while puppies can be exciting and fun to have, they are definitely a lot of responsibility. Having a dog walker come by for the first part of your new dogís puppy-hood is the best way to easily accomplish house training of your new pup.

When your trustworthy dog walker visits your puppy, the dog will benefit from having someone to play with. Play time is an important time for dogs of all ages because it creates bonds of friendship and helps properly socialize the puppy. Since puppies are full of energy this is also great to put to good use much of that exuberance, which will also make it easier to train your new family member. Without a dog walker to visit your puppy during the day, your new friend will become restless and when you return home from work he or she may have gotten into something they werenít supposed to. Having a puppy sit in a crate all day just builds up energy, can create health problems down the road, and makes it harder to train your puppy due to the build up of frustrated energy.

A good dog walker will also keep up with the standard training that is needed to properly house break your puppy, taking a huge weight off of the shoulders of busy owners. Standard training is the most important and should be taught to dog when they are very young. Commands like sit, stay, no, or a command to relieve themselves outside, may be stressful for a new owner to teach their new pet all on their own, but with the help of an experienced dog walker those necessary commands become easy to implement. By having consistent training by the owner and the dog walker, the puppy and owner will live a very happy and long life together creating a bond that lasts forever. Dogs werenít labeled ďManís Best FriendĒ for nothing.

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